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Since inception in 2005,

Our group has

Provided equity/mezzanine funding for over 55 development projects in North America and Europe

Deployed equity into over £500 million of property development

Backed over 30 different developers

Grown from strength to strength, offering the expertise of a 50-strong multidisciplinary team with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain

An Alternative Approach to Real Estate Development Finance

IPIN Global Capital is a boutique real estate investment firm that specialises in providing equity and mezzanine funding for property development. Unlike its competitors, IPIN Global Capital contributes its social and intellectual capital to ensure that projects are developed and exited in a timely and profitable manner.

High LTC

We will provide up to 95% of the required equity and mezzanine funding

Quick DD

From the first point of contact, our team will act swiftly to consider your projects. Unlike most firms, we appreciate the value of completing due diligence in a timely and efficient manner

True JV Partner

IPIN Global Capital Solutions is committed to contributing its resources to ensure that the project is built and exited at a profit

Capped Cost of Capital

25% blended IRR cost of capital with no minimum investment term or prepayment penalties